Dr. Rahul Hiremath Dr. Rahul Hiremath Cardiologists

I have found the software very user friendly with good interface. Again the support team has been excellent understanding with our requirements and making the necessary alteration in the software to customize it to our needs.

Dr. Abhijit Patil Dr. Abhijit Patil Dental Specialists

We have been using the "Remedys" Software is running smoothly since the date of its inception. This software suites all our requirements and is suitable for the Healthcare segment.

Dr. Aditi Karmarkar Dr. Aditi Karmarkar Paediatricians

If you're looking for a quick install, easy to use, productive and functional Hospital Management System for your hospital "Remedys" is the software. It is backed by a team which provide quick turn around and great support.

Dr. Nilesh Bapat Dr. Nilesh Bapat Pathologists

I found the "Remedys" software introduced by Digital Info Systems to be very efficient and easy to maintain patient records. It is also reliable in checking out the previous enteries about the patient. lt is convenient in saving lot of space as it does not involve paper of physical files and also in cutting down time. It is also easy to access the past records of the patient.

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